How to Deal with the Credit Bureau of Canada: Obtain Your Credit Report in Canada

Most individuals residing in Canada understand the importance of monitoring their credit report. With less than good or poor credit, individuals have a very hard time being financed for anything. This makes it difficult to get financed for a home, a vehicle and other major purchases. Individuals can check their credit report easily in Canada with the tips for dealing with the credit bureau of Canada below.

Contact the Three Major Credit Bureaus

Like the US, the three major credit bureaus in Canada are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. In order to receive a copy of their credit reports, individuals must contact these bureaus and request a copy. If one has recently been turned down for receiving credit from a particular lender, he or she will receive a letter stating why. There are instructions on the back of the letter which explain how to obtain a free copy of the credit report. Other than this, the bureaus will need to be contacted separately.

Contact TransUnion

In order for individuals to receive a copy of their TransUnion credit report, they will need to contact the company directly. In Canada, individuals can call 1-800-663-9980. However, those who live in Quebec can call the toll-free number at 877-713-3393. For those who would rather visit the location to receive their credit report, there are offices in Quebec and Ontario. In order to receive the copy, most individuals will need to have two different forms of identification.

Contact Equifax

To receive a copy of the Equifax credit report, call toll-free at 800-465-7166. Customer service representatives can give individuals the best information regarding how to receive their credit report in the most suitable way. Also, individuals have the ability to receive their report via snail mail. On the Equifax Canada website, found at Equifax, there is a credit request form which individuals can print out and mail in. There is also the option to check the credit report online but this may cost a small fee. Similar to TransUnion, there is a two identification requirement to prove an individual’s identity.

Contact Experian

The Experian website is available at Experian where individuals can receive an online copy of their credit report. The phone number to Experian Canada is 888-826-1718 and individuals can call this number to find more information regarding how to receive their Experian report by mail in Canada.

By using the information above, individuals can receive copies of their credit reports from the major Canadian credit bureaus. It’s important for individuals to keep track of their credit and monitor the activity in order to ensure that everything reported is legitimate and valid.